Launching and managing the online — sales of tourist products

  • By yourself

  • In one day

  • With no financial



TripAġġregator — a set of ready tools to enter the online market.

Make your site a selling manager.

Implement the distribution network.



Start getting profit fromyour website right now
24 hours a day, 7 days a week


For instance

Attendance of your site is 2 000 people. The average check is 40. $ The minimum conversion is 1%. You can receive 20 requests a month without investments. And this is 800. $

In this case, you pay only 27,6 $ (2% TripAġġregator + 1,45% acquiring).

  • 3-10 days to sign the contract with a paying agent;
  • 1 day to implement a system and the online payment

No expenses for:

  • designing
  • implementation
  • the system works not only at your website, it can be installed on your partner’s website


Travel industry

Cultural organisations

Event managers


Our company’s experience stays at the confluence of IT and Tourism

TripAġġregator is a Russian IT-company, whose product helps to launch the online-sales from your website in a short period of time.

Founded in  2015. 

A member of Russian Union of Travel Industry

We help the organizer  to be more definite in describing their tourist product and get a great number of happy tourists.


TripAġġregator is a full service of ready-to-use tools  from the tourist product presentation to its distribution via different sales channels and getting money on your bank account.

There is no need for outlays, check in and pay only when there is a purchase!


The implementation will not take lot of time. Our specialists assist all the steps of launching the online sales!


The selling pages generator

  • A colourful presentation of a product

  • Adapted for SEO promotion

  • Adapted for mobile devices

  • High conversion

  • Easy to implement on a website without changing its structure and without breaking SEO

Online payment module

  • Lets the tourist make an independent purchase

  • The money comes directly on your account

Additional tools:

  • reviews collection

  • the tourist loyalty program (promo-codes)

  • chat with the tourists

  • collaboration with the agents

  • monitoring the metrics

  • mobile app for entry control

Minimum contacts with the ManagerSales in the automated mode

How to connect

Register in the system.

Complete the profile information, sign the contract with TripAġġregator.

Describe your product, select the template, set the calculator and a request form.

Connect the page to your website

Online sales start — getting the tourists.



How much does it cost? 

Free to connect!

3,45% from your sales

Money comes to your bank account


7 days for putting on hold — refunding of the money means without any commissions.

Increase the sales with the emotional purchase.


Cultural organization
«Philharmonic of Toliatty»

Organizes the concerts of symphonic and chamber music, music festivals both in their own hall  (609 places) and  the other city platforms, including the open-air platforms.

  • Sales start from the august of 2017.
  • Average  sales conversion 4,17%. per month .
  • Average conversion for all period 7, 08%
  • Effective use of PR-budget:  renounced the outdoor advertising in favor of online promotion.

Tour operator
«Zhivaya istoria»

A Moscow tour operator, offering the unique excursions in Moscow and all  around Russia.

  • Sales start — summer 2017
  • 8 offers were put for online sale,  1,65%. conversión
  • For today:
    • More than 50 offers in a system with average conversion of 4,55%.
    • The result was reached with the new software — selling pages, the tour operator’s  work  —  the tourists were advised to buy online, seasonality.
    • Both young people and old-aged (more than 60 and 70 years old)  tourists used the option to buy online.

Tour operator
«Russkiy sever»

Tour operator in Karelia and Solovetsky Archipelago. Organizes the multi-day Karelia tours, stream crossings, mini-cruises to the Kiji island

  • The 92% of tickets for «Mini-cruise for Kiji island for the 2nd of September».
  • Summer tours are 70%-80% sold out.
  • Website conversion (for the period from  01.06.2017 till 31.12.2017) — 7%.

«Velikiy Bolgar»

A festival of a medieval battle. On the territory of the festival there are knight battles, bow shooting and horse competitions, fairs.

  • Vend of tickets to the certain places on the tribune.
  • The sales for one event were during one month and the conversion was 5,27%.


Registration in TripAġġregator

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