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What the online payment module is?

What the online payment module is?


It is a program module that lets a  tourist make a purchase from a website with a credit card - no manager participation is required

-  Automatic total price calculation

-  Automatic e-ticket mailing

- No difficult actions to be  implemented on a website, the installation is made with a html code

- The money comes to your bank account

To launch the sales from a website it is enough to describe your offer and place the payment module on a website. Your site can become a sales manager 24/7.

The Global eCommerce market is developing actively and end there are new demands to its players to ensure a successful development. For the product to stay competitive and viable it has to follow the global  trends emerging on a market.

Here are some Global eCommerce market trends:

1.   Although it presents an explosive growth, the  eCommerce has only 9,1% of retail sales;

2.  The B2B enters the market, being a true  giant against the traditional B2C;

3.  An automated eCommerce is a reality within today’s business access

4. A variety of clients will bring great changes to the eCommerce;

5.Multichannel eCommerce is a solution of tomorrow;

6. The opportunities of the international eCommerce are still unrealized;

7. The use of mobile devices becomes a norm;

8. The time of real-life sales via the social media has come;

9. The content is a Holy Grail of interaction with a customer in the eCommerce