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TripAġġregator was assessed by ITIP participants from India

TripAġġregator was assessed by ITIP participants from India


19th of June the participants of the international ITIP program finished their internship in TripAġġregator.

During the whole month Indian marketing specialists were analysing  our company and finally presented their research and recommendations on its promotion on the international markets, including India.

No, we are not moving to work to India for now. But we thought about it.

The participants presented some interesting hypotheses that just can’t be ignored. For sure, it was a valuable experience for us. We got a useful feedback from the international specialists.

The collaboration is not finished yet. The TripAġġregator will go on discussing the hypotheses with the program participants.

*Officially :

International team internship program - is an international program  for collaboration between companies and students aimed to develop a joint project considering the world’s standards. Working in the cross-functional international teams helps to analyze the work of the operating company and mark the new  ways to develop.